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Essay/Term paper: Policies in atlantic canada

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Humanities

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From the period of early contact from 1534-1736 it was

concluded that Indian religion was useless and therefor did

not pose an impediment in the process of converting

Indians to Christianity. The process of conversion included

a period of persuasion and instruction followed by baptism.

The French missions were successful in areas where there

was permanent Aboriginal settlement. These efforts

influenced all areas of social policy especially the belief that

all Aboriginals should be converted to Christianity. The

period of the Royal Proclamation from 1783-1839 was a

result of British Military policy that recognized the

importance of First Nation allies in the victory over France.

In 1755 during the initial stages of the war, the British

developed an Indian department with a complete

suerintendent of Indian Affairs. This was not successful in

preventing colonists from appropriating First Nation land.

When Britain was successful in the war with France,

France ceded most of it"s North American territory and the

First Nations were not satisfied being under British rule.

This led to Pontiacs rebellion where several British forts

were captured. The Royal Proclamation was essentially

drafted on the advice of the colony concerning measures to

reconcile with First Nations. It was the first constitution

under British rule that recognized that the territory outside

of the colonial boundaries was reserved as hunting grounds

for First Nations. The Royal Proclamation was the legal

base for British-Indian policy. The transition of the Royal

Proclamation into Canadian social policy occurred when

colonial correspondents indicated that First Nations were

not longer military allies. Colonial policies were changed by

an administration aimed at civilizing First Nations way of

life. Of particular importance was the schooling of First

Nation children. Gifts that were originally used to

compensate for land surrendered to the British were now

conditional on the basis of whether or not First Nation

parents sent their kids to school. Those parents who did

not abide by this rule were subject to criminal charges. The

period of assimilation occurred between 1867 and 1950.

By confederation all the basic features of the Indian policy

were in place. Many of the statutes were unorganized so

they were consolidated into the Indian act. Many

oppressive provisions developed from this including the

banning of religious ceremonies and an imposed Pass

system for those granted permission to leave the reserve.

The establishment of schools, tax exemption,

enfranchisement, and control of alcohol extended from the

Indian Act.  

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